Jay: So Many Topics

Boy oh boy, where do I start.  I guess, I’ll go with everyone’s favorite subject, HS Baseball.  Yes, the Varsity won yesterday(4-1 v. Old Saybrook, those are pix from the game, courtesy my step-dad Ralph).  We now stand at 14-6 and our next game is Thursday @HK for the first round of shoreline playoffs.  Like I said yesterday, this is our first time back in the league tourny since 1995.  We’ve beat HK once this year, but we didn’t face their best pitcher.  I guarantee its going to be nothing short of a great game.

Speaking of(okay writing of) great games, how about Jon Lester?? What a finish to the game(wait till the 1:10 mark)  To battle and defeat cancer, to winning game 4 in last years WS, to living thru the offseason Johan rumors to this gem.  130 pitches is a ton of throwing.  Don’t be surprised if he either a) gets bumped back a day or b) has a sub-par performance next time out, but really who cares.  He is the toast of New England this morning and he deserves it.  He’s starting to show what kind of pitcher he can actually be. 

Game One tonight.  Celts Pistons.  Nice to see a classic rivalry decide the Eastern Conference.  I remember watching these two clubs have some classic games including this one.  I fully expect this series to go seven, maybe six if the Celts can win one on the road.

Don’t know if you had a chance to watch The Office season finale(best sitcom on TV) but it was genius.  One of the funniest I’ve seen.  Can’t wait till the Lost finale on Thursday(shhhh I know its an ABC show, don’t tell my bosses that I watch another station sometimes!!!)  For all you Deadliest Catch fans out there, Sig Hanson will be in Newport next weekend.  Nikki and I are huge fans of the show and if you’ve never seen it, I highly recommend it.  Great drama and if you love seafood, it gives you a bit of perspective on how hard it is to get it to your plates. 



One Response to “Jay: So Many Topics”

  1. Jay's mom Says:

    Congratulations to the Hale-Ray players and the coaches who continue to build a great baseball program … of course I’m biased. Hey, great photos, too!

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