Jay: 500 wins

First things first, I wanna congratulate Mark Brookes on his 500th win Saturday.  He has been the only head baseball coach @ HK and it is a much deserved milestone.  Yes, they are our biggest rivals, but his teams always show a ton of class.  He has had a great run of talent and he gets the most out of that every year.   His teams have beaten mine more then I care to remember.  I know one day he’ll finally get that state title him and his teams more than deserve.  Staying on this HS ball topic.  Today is our senior day.  This will be five of our seniors last regular season home game.  They have a chance to get our 14th win this year and go down as one of the most successful baseball teams in school history.  If we win there is also a good chance we make the shoreline play-offs for the first time in 13 yrs.  A big day for us indeed

Can we please get the sports media off this idea that the Celtics are Kevin Garnett’s team.  He’s been great this year, I love KG, but this is and always will be Paul Pierce’s team.  Even, KG says that and it was proven again yesterday in a virtuoso performance.


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