Hey if you haven’t hear the New Kids performed live on the Today show today.  In fact it’s on live behind me right now and the girls women in the newsroom(Yvonne, Manda(assignment editor), Chrissy(producer) and Michelle(webstress) are going gaga.  In fact if you watched us at all this morning you saw all that NKOTB paraphernalia on set.  All that was Michelle’s.  Yep, her parents kept all that.  Sad you say, but she could set up a nice retirement from selling those on ebay(damn, if only I didn’t lose all my childhood toys.)  I lived thru the original madness during junior high.  I even had a group of female friends who went up to Boston to stalk visit NKOTB hot spots.  I believe they camped outside one of their houses and was invited inside by one of the guys family.  Hey don’t get me wrong, I get excited when my favorite bands reunite(can’t wait for Zeppelin) but this is over the top.  People were literally camping out for days in NYC just to see a concert that will consist of 5 songs.  Oh well, different strokes I guess.  BTW, the band sounds awful!!!!!  Enjoy your weekends!!!

A little update:  After I posted this, some of the female fanatics were a little rankled at my blog.  This is an email form Manda(btw she is a great friend, after this who knows):So, the website here at NBC 30 is very blog-friendly and they promote employees to blog about anything that may get their attention. My good friend Jay Hendry, felt it necessary to write this this morning.  (can’t a girl relive her childhood a bit…see attachments from 6th grade NKOTB birthday party??!!)  Here’s the pic she sent me:


(I think that Nikki and mine invitation to her wedding just got lost in the mail)


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