Jay: 38-1??

That could be the Trinity College baseball team’s record after today.  Why do I think that the Bantams will lose today, well normally I wouldn’t make such a bold prediction, but this is a bit personal.  Ya see, I know the starting pitcher for Western New England College.  He is the same pitcher that carried our 2004 high school team to the state semi’s.  He is also the second and last player to be named and All-State performer from our program.  Chris Anderson is a senior lefty and has had a great season (stats here) and career.  On top of that, he’s a fantastic student who has represented himself well and our head coach and myself are proud of what kinda person and player he is and are thrilled to have had a role in that development.  This kid has always been a big game pitcher and I expect him to come up big again.  He picked up a save yesterday in the first round game and anyone can watch the game or listen here.  I know, I know its D3 baseball, but its a pretty good game and Trinity is a local team who is ranked #3 in the country so there is relevance here.

Wow, is our Varsity team on a roll.  4 in a row, sitting @ 12-6 on the year.  They have a game today against Hyde Leadership in New Haven.  The problem, Hyde is winless.  That means they playing for their season today.  This is their championship.  A win gives us a great chance to get into the Shoreline playoffs and a home state game, but Hyde will put up a great game, we are going to have to be on top of ours to get a needed W. 

Great Job Celts, now finish it.

Yes, Pete is still alive if you were wondering, he’s just been slacking on writing.  He’s been real busy getting his race car together for Stafford.  He races every Friday night in the Channel 30 car.  If you need something to do with the kids, its a great spot to go for a night and root on your second favorite morning crew member.


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