Jay: A Special Post

This post is a bit personal.  This will be my Mom’s 30th Mother’s Day on Sunday.  Without her un-daunting strength, toughness, and love, My brother and I could have led very different lives.  When tragedy struck our family in the late summer of ’92 she never let us stray off the path of success.  With all the pain she was going through, she always made sure her two sons lived their lives in a way that they had been raised.  My Mom did all she knew how to do, continue living life and be the rock that we needed.  She made sure that nothing changed when everything had.  She played the role of two parents smoothly and made sure we got every advantage that a tow parent family got.  A few years later, tow families joined and we were double the size(now four boys.)  Yet again, Myour Mom was rock and made sure the transition was as smooth as could be.  What my mom has done the past 16 years has been nothing short of remarkable and for that I love her dearly.  I’m sure our families story is paralleled many times all over the country and to all Moms out there, A most deserving Happy Mothers Day, especially mine!!!


One Response to “Jay: A Special Post”

  1. Jay's Mom Says:

    Thanks, honey. I proudly wear each and every gray hair with pride … except for those I’ve already pulled out. Love you. Looking forward to the next 30 years.

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