Jay: In trouble

I can’t take it anymore.  Every time I’m on pins and needles worrying whether or not he can finish.  I’m sick and tired watching this man blow leads and lose games.  God, can the Sox just get a closer that is reliable.  Really Paps, an infield single, an error and a broken bat flare is all it takes to beat you, geez, bring back Jeff Reardon, or better yet, the Steamer.  I’m sick of well played games getting ruined in the hands of a lousy pitcher.  Why would Francona bring this guy in trying to protect a one run game???  Something has to change and it has to be done now!!!!!!

Hey Mets and Yanks fans, sounds pretty ridiculous doesn’t it.  Freakin’ out after a loss.  Lets give it a break and let your teams get healthy and established first before we start calling for people’s heads.  Its May 8th folks, if this was August 8th, I could understand the panic.  Just give it time. (BTW, I love Paps, that was tongue-in-cheek for those of you who don’t get sarcasm) 

A nice win for our varsity yesterday, now at 9-6 on the year.  They’ve been very Jekyll and hyde the past few weeks, lets hope this W is a turning point.  JV’s play today and I’m itchin’ to get ’em out there.  We haven’t had a game since Sat.  and these kids have had three long, tough practices to get ready for our final 8 games, a win today would be a huge stepping stone for these kids.



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