Jay: Big Day Monday

Wow, thanks to the 70 people who checked out the blog yesterday.  By far the biggest day of readers we’ve had.  I figured I had to follow up that with another post today.  First thing first, Celts in 6.  I don’t think they’ll lose at home.  I love watching Lebron play, but he doesn’t have much help.  Of course the Cavs have a couple of Celtics cast-offs that could come back to haunt their old team.  Sox are cruising along.  Lester and Clay are starting to find their groove and the offense hasn’t even clicked yet, Scary!!!

Well my team sits at 6-3(varsity is 8-5).  These next few days I am sort of having a re-birth of the season.  We have 6 wins, but the last few have been ugly.  Hey I love having six wins.  I would have died for that many just a few years ago, but I expect more from this team.  Yesterday I laid it all on the line to them and they took our new attitude and focus and ran with it.  Its awesome having a great set of coach-able kids who will do whatever you ask knowing it will make them better players.  I hope all this hard work this week will translate to some victories Thurs. and Sat.

For all you Celts fans here’s something to fire you up for tonight!!!


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