Jay: Recap

First things first, nothing kicks off the week right like getting your own personal home-baked goodie.  Yvonne greeted me this AM with a smile and a personal sized banana bread.  Now, those of you who know me understand that I am a sucker for home-baked yummies so this was a perfect way to get a Monday started.  Bravo Yvonne, Bravo.

What a swing of emotions on Saturday evening.  I love the Derby and all the Triple crown races.  I don’t follow horse racing thru out the year, but I will watch those three races, the breeders cup and usually the Santa Anita Derby if its on(because I loved Seabiscuit, the book and movie).  Big Brown had such a convincing win(and a gorgeous animal) that the inevitable Triple Crown hype has started(its been 30 years since Affirmed last won it.)  Unfortunately though, the lone filly in the race Eight Belles broke her two ankles after the race and had to be put down(here’s an interesting article)  Listen, this was a freak accident, tragic yes, but an accident.  The jockey can’t be blamed.  Watch the race.  The horse shows no sign of distress.  Even while galloping afterwards, there was no sign of danger until it happened.  I think PETA calling for the suspension of the jockey is ridiculous.  Hopefully this “controversy” doesn’t mar the legacy of a possible historic horse.

Onto the C’s.  What an exclamation point yesterday.  Yes I get it that it never should have gone seven, but whatever, they win and move on.  That’s why they fought so hard for home court, to play a deciding game in front of the best basketball fans in the league.  The Celts outscored the hawks by 74 points in the series.  I’ll give full credit to the Hawks and their fans for carrying that team thru the three home wins.  Lets not forget the Celts had a ten point lead in all seven games.  They dominated except for three runs where the Hawks younger legs carried them thru.  The C’s match up great with all the other teams left in the playoffs and I feel this was merely a bump in the road, not a sign of weakness.

Finally, a huge congrats to two very close friends of mine.  Casey and Lauren Morris welcomed in their frist child Torre Joseph Morrison  on Saturday.  Casey has been a great friend for many years and I couldn’t be happier for them.  In case you were wondering, Casey is a huge Yanks fan(he was named after Casey Stengal) therefore, keeping with tradition, his sone is named after, yep, Joe Torre.  Here’s to him growing up a Sox fan!!!!


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