Jay: It's Martini Time

Well, not yet.  Probably not till six or so tonight, but TFGIF!!   Been kinda of a long week.  Didn’t get a lot of rest last weekend(that’swhat happens when you are out in the city till 3am) and I usually rely on the weekends to catch up on sleep that I don’t get during the week.  But its Friday and the only thing I got tomorrow is a 3:00 game.  We won again yesterday and we now sit at 6-2.  The Varsity have already clinched a state playoff berth with their 8th win on Wed(8-4 v. portland) and they have a huge chance today of getting a good foothold onto a shoreline playoff spot w/ a win against Cromwell today. 

Big game for the Celts.  Just finish it tonight.  I got a hunch that those two losses sorta woke a sleeping giant.  The one thing the C’s needed was motivation and I think the young hawks provided a much needed fire under their, well you know. 

Tell you what I’ve been itchen’ for.  Golfing.  I try not to play during baseball season because my swings would be more messed up then usual.  As soon as our season is done though, out come the sticks.  I try to play at least twice a week and I love trying out different courses.  Two of my favorite though are Shennecossit in groton and Fox Hopyard(best in state) in East Haddam.  I hope to get out and play a few this year that I haven’t teed up yet.  Gillete Ridge and great River are two I want to tear up, but there are a bunch in state I haven’t played.  If anyone has a favorite course, drop a suggestion.

Everyone have a great weekend!!!


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