Jay: Back at it….

Well, I knew it was coming.  We had two great weeks of weather, our team got into a good rhythm on the field, and then BAM, rain for a few days and indoor practices.  My JV’s had a long four day break and we get at practice today.  The Varsity hasn’t played since last Thursday and the next two games against Portland and Cromwell are crucial.  We are in a virtual tie w/ both schools for the final Shoreline play-off spot, and one of our goals this year was to make our conference tourny.  A couple wins this week would put us in a good spot for that and clinch our ticket to the State tourny.  We’ve worked real hard the past few days to break out of our hitting malaise(only 5 x-tra base hits in 11 games) and I think we may have turned a corner(I HOPE). 

Must win 2nite for the Celts.  These Hawks have been, uh, pesky?!  and given the C’s all they can handle.  Hopefully the coach actually pays attention to match-ups tonite and puts their best defender on Joe Johnson(i know, novel idea). 

See ya next year April, you were fun, but May, oh we love May!  Warm weather, everything is blooming and my parents pool opens up.  We finally get to enjoy the fruits of ours(theirs) labor.


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