Jay: The Candy, Man!!

23 Billion!!!  For a pack of gum, man inflation’s a pissah!!!  Oh, that’s for the whole company, gotcha.  The Mars company have decided to chew out a niche in the gum world.  This sweet deal was something the stock holders of Wrigley’s really couldn’t at.  This MajorMega deal is so out of this world it has d every other candy maker in the!  OK, enough of the awful puns but who knew that candy was such a cut-throat world.  What now, snickers flavored gum(oooh, sounds yummy) or gummy M&M’s(again not bad)  wait I got it, bubble gum cat food(funny, very funny, BTW Mars makes catfood as well, odd pairing I know, also Uncle Ben’s rice, and now gum.  What an ecclectic little planet, er corporation.

Tell you what, Calhoun can sure recruit.  A very good class comin in and he was able to keep Thabeet, thats a good offseason in a few days.  Right now they are over the max for scholarships by one, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one of last years main players transfers(#11 maybe).  Lets see if Coach can carry the team to success worthy of the now-starting pre-season #1 hype.  Still waiting for the Celtics to show up in Atlanta because that must have been a bunch of imposters.  I’m Gald they are headin back to the gahden part duex for a little homecooking  fromm those over-rated bandwagon jumpers.  Am I worried, no.  It’s cute that Atlanta got a couple wins for their fiercly loyal fans ;)!!


2 Responses to “Jay: The Candy, Man!!”

  1. Jay's mom Says:

    Does this make you the jack of all puns … master of nun?

  2. Now you all can see my humor puns in the family, good lord I’m funny

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