pete: i do my own stunts

i do all my own stunts

if you see a guy in long hair wearing this shirt today, chances are he is me, and that me-he is on his way to stafford motor speedway to start his racing season.
i haven’t really blogged much lately, mostly because any potential blogging time has been spent pondering what needs to be done to be ready for this day.  making lists.  ordering parts.  doing shots of jolt cola, mountain dew, and red bull to stay awake.  you know, that sort of thing.  but now the day is here, and although i am completely exhausted, there is nowhere i’d rather be than in the seat of my race car, with the chevy engines blaring in my ears and the smell of race fuel and rubber in my nostrils.  its a wonderful, wonderful feeling (probably something similar to what jay feels when he smells the fenway franks and the freshly cut grass up at fenway).
tomorrow is the Spring Sizzler at Stafford Motor Speedway. 
i’ve been busting knuckles, all winter for this.
Race #1 of 20. 


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