Jay: Deal with It!!!

Hey Uconn fans, this is not a good thing, this is a great thing for the program.  Playing Notre Dame guarantees a national game.  It guarantees exposure that you don’t get anywhere else.  For god’s sake, they got their own network!!!!  So the “home” games will be in Foxborough or East Rutherford.  Two beautiful stadiums with a ton more seats.  Which means, wait for it, MORE UCONN FANS CAN GO!!!!!!!  If you were to play games at the Rent, which seats 40,000.  Gillette seats 68,000+ while Giants and Notre Dame both are well over 80,000.  If Notre dame was to play in CT, they would need at least 10-15,000 seats, which leaves only 25-30,000  for UCONN fans.  DO the math boys and girls, more of you can go.

Don’t blame the school, don’t blame the coach.  Blame the state.  If they had just an inkling of foresight, they would have made the Rent a 60,000 seat stadium with expansion possibilities to 80.  But yet again, just like Gampel, they were short-sighted.  The school and coach are doing all they can to make this a high-profile program, and I think they can(no not Michigan/usc/osu/lsu big, but big.)  The last thing they need are people complaining about games with Notre Dame.  Just suck it up, drive the extra hour or two, tailgate and watch Uconn whoop up on the golden domers(tell me how it went, I think Michigan will have a game then)  😉

Another win for my JV’s.  We now stand at 5-1.  My starter, a frosh, threw just 46 pitches in six innings(for compairison, my starter on Tues threw 110 in six, and my two relievers yest, threw 39 in one inning)  Varsity won a huge game too, we both have a great chance of winning today, then the weekend off.


2 Responses to “Jay: Deal with It!!!”

  1. Notre Dame wouldn’t play in East Hartford no matter how big the stadium was They want a bigger sports market
    That was made very clear

  2. I don’t think it has to do with the market at all. When they play Pittsburgh, the games are at Hienz Field. All Notre Dame wants is the seats for their fans. Uconn was smart in taking the deal, on the flip Rutgers was not in turning ND down.

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