Jay: In for a long night……

All right, this first part is for Celtics fans.  Did you hear what Atlanta Hawks guard Mike Bibby said about Celts fans.  Now keep in mind that Mike Bibby hit his prime in the NBA about four years ago and is probably very bitter he couldn’t lead his Kings to a crown and now is stuck in Atlanta.  Here is his quote:

 “But a lot of these fans are bandwagon jumpers trying to get on this now. I played here last year, too. And I didn’t see three fourths of them. They’re for the team now and they might get a little rowdy but that’s about it.” 

Yes, that’s his thoughts on us.  Now there is not a more true fan base in this league then the Celtics fans.  They are proud of their team and its history.  THese are fans that still cheer when old Celts come home(Hell, we cheered Antoine Walker when he came back this year for gods sake!!!!!)  I went to a handful of games last year, and the place was still loud.  During the losing streak, the crowds actually grew.  We were into games, I was at a Lakers game and the Boston Garden er, FleetCenter  er, TD Banknorth Garden was rockin.  This year, of course, is back on par w/ the 80’s.  Mike Bibby is in a world of hurt tonight.  His team may lose by thirty.  These players will take that quote personally, and why oh why would you risk giving the best team in the NBA more motivation?

Got our 4th JV win yesterday.  I great comeback that was capped off by a Game-winning single in the bottom of the 7th.  A great win filled w/ a lot of mistakes.  We have a lot of things to correct(two kids picked off of first, two kids thrown out at the plate…)  But on to today,  with a Frosh gettin his 1st start. 


2 Responses to “Jay: In for a long night……”

  1. Mike Bibby? THE Mike Bibby? Who has won, ummm, NOTHING?
    Jay, I’m watching Gang Green as I read your post. They’re up 26. As a fan dating back to the Cooz, Russ, et al, days…this is great stuff.

  2. Yes, the same Mike Bibby who responded with a solid 12 points and i assist in 27 minutes(he is the starting point guard right????) At least know he can go home to the dedicated, faithful, real fans in hot-lanta

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