Jay: I Got Nuthin!

Here I sit, on a gorgeaous Tuesday morning with the first lady babbling about her ipod on in the background(still don’t get why she is “hosting” the Today show).  Been a few days since my last post, and I apologize.  I really have had nothing to write about.  My baseball team has hit a rut, the Varsity has lost three ina row and a sense of complacency seems to have overtaken them.  My JV team lost Sat. for the first time, and while I think that we should win today, we have a long way to go till we are better.  My wife and dog came bak home on SUnday(YAY!!!!)  I was bachen’ it for a week and a half while she visited her Mom in the Poconos.  SO there I was stuck at home with the cat(not a huge talker, our cat, but he sure can get under your feet at the worst times!!!)  So all last week my days went work, baseball, dinner, sleep.  At least now its work, baseball, dinner w/ Nikki and sleep.  Just that little thing makes a big difference. 

Gotta love what the Sox, Celts, and Rangers have done the past week.  Plus the NFL draft this weekend and I’m headen to NYC this weekend to hang w/ my old roomie(goin to Shea for 1 last time, what a dump!!!)  Hopefully I can get back into this blogging thing soon.  Of course new topics are always welcomed.   I will definetly break down the Giants and Patsies draft next week for all you football junkies.


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