Jay: Winning ugly

Yesterday’s game didn’t go as planned, well except for the “w”.  I had hoped for a large lead to get all my players in there, but the opposing team and my pitchers mechanics got in the way.   Our opponets game out showing paitents and then driving pitches for base hits.  My starter was throwing well, just missing his spots.  It was his first start this year, so I’m sure his nerves weren’t helping.  Of course when he did throw good pitches and got groundballs, my defense decided not to field the balls.  I haven’t looked over the book yet, but I bet we had at least 8 errors(anyone have a guess what practice will entail today?)  We all finally got our act together in time to pull out the win.  My releiver came in and threw4 2/3 innings of great ball and we got timely hitting to get the 12-10 victory.  All in all a typical early season JV game.  The great thing though, is that these kids believe their abilities and trust each other that wins are going to come in bunches this year.  It’s exciting seeing them grow before your eyes. 

So today is the Pontifs BDay.  Wow, 81 years old.  Be careful Washington, if he celebrates his birthday like we did in college, and I hope he does, DC is in for a long night.  I kid of course.  I was a bit shocked to hear him describe his feelings about the Priest Sex Abuse scandels as being “ashamed.”  I am ashamed if I make a mistake during the newscast or if i get a speeding ticket.  I would think he would pull no punches, i don’t know, be mortified, repulsed, horrified, something with some emotion.  Bill Maher brought up a great point on his show last week, if the head of a major corporation had a significant number of employees get accused for a major felony that had affected thousands of innocent people and covering it up, he’d probably be arrested.  Now I am no big fan of religion, I understand why people practice but I can’t put my faith into something that is so corrupt.  So I am one who is not very excited to see the Pope here or understand the coverage.

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