Jay: Finally, Spring!!!

What a great week it looks like it’ll be.  Finally I can get in some JV games.  The season is almost three weeks old and we’ve played one game, which we won 5-3.  our Varsity squad(5-1) has played great so far this season.  They were 4-0 last week and made no errors.  Three of those wins were shutouts and as a team we have allowed 10 runs and only four errors in 6 games.  Saturday we beat Haddam-Killingworth(HK) High 9-0.  It was the first time we have beaten them in eight years.  The great thing is the kids seem to get hungrier the more we win.  I hope my JV’s can keep the winning streak goin today.  With this nice weather, we can get into a good routine of practice and games. 

Well, work has been a lot less hectic after our near meltdown on Thurs.  Thank god it was just a fluke thing.  The running joke is that the building and equipment know that a brand new, state-of-the-art facility is being built literally feet away.  We all expect more unforseen problems over the next nine months, but the finished product will be well worth it.

It was tough gettin into the Sox/yanks this weekend.  It’s just too early for games that big.  Plus, an 8pm game on a Sunday? In April?  Its freaken cold out.  I hate April baseball up north.  I mean it was 29 degrees last night in Cleveland.  That weather is fine in Oct just brutal in April.  One of my favorite weekends in a couple of weeks, the NFL Draft.  It was really big in college, we would lock our selves in and watch from 1st pick to last.  The past few years I’ve had games on Draft day, but my docket is clear this year, maybe we’ll reserect an old tradition.


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