Jay: Wow, what a morning!!!

Oh Boy, this am was, in a word, near diasterous(ok two words, man you are all so literal!!!)  Our production switcher, you know the one piece of equipment that puts our entire newscast on air, crapped out on us.  SO all those commercials you saw between 5:45 and 5:55 were not supposed to be there.  We eventually got things back up and running, but man oh man, thats was as bad as it gets here.  Not fun, but everyone busted their butts to get us back on air.  I could get more technical, but it’ll probably bore you.

Not alot of time, but pumped that Stanley Cup playofs have started.  Rangers got a big 1st win over the Devils, lets hope they can recapyure the magic of ’94.  They don’t want to to be the team to ruin this string I got going. 

Loved opening day,  I’m glad that the hatchet has finally been buried about ’86.  He had a very good career and he shouldn’t be defined by one play, especially when it was Stanley and schiraldi who caused the mess.

Game one for my JV’s today, it should be a nice win, but you never know how young kids will react.  Hopefully they can pull out game #1.


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