Jay: Quite a conundrum

I wouldn’t call myself superstitious, I do believe in not tempting fate.  If something works, I stick with it.  Whether its the same seat on the couch during a game, or as some as you remember, my guacamole thing I had going during the Giants Super Bowl run.  I’ve even been known to wear the same shirt every saturday if it helped produce a Michigan win, see not superstitous at all. 

 Today though I am stuck.  You see all last year, I had this as my wallpaper at work:and as we all know, the sox went on to win the Series and I believe this shot had a little help in it(BTW, thats a shot at sunrise from the ’07 opening day). 

 This past few months i have had this as my wallpaper: and of course the Celts have had a resurggence back to the top team in the NBA and the odds on favorites to win the title.  I am leaning to keeping the Celts wallpaper until the end of the playoffs and then switching over to the Sox sunrise, I just hope that it won’t be to late to cast its magic on the Sox’s season.  Now that my teams have won the past two major sports titles, I’m greedy and want more.  I’m glad that there is nothing else going on that so I can worry about important stuff like this.

Opening day at the Fens today, my brother scammed free tix from someone, so he’ll be there, yep I hate him too.  Can’t wait till I see those rings and banner unfurled.  What a sight that will be.  First varsity win yesterday, 14-0.  Thats all it was, just a win.  1-1 on the year with a tough three games remaining this week.


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