pete: questions for the monday after

thats the one question i always dread on a monday morning.  “did you know him?”
brad was the first to ask me today. 
no, i did not know shane hammond, the 27 year old NEMA midget driver who was killed sunday at thompson international speedway.  but i very well could have walked right past him at any number of events we would have been racing at in common, including the “world series” last october at the very track that claimed his life in a freak accident.

photo from the lap before sunday's accident

whenever something like that happens, you always pause.  yes, it could have been me in a wreck at the track. yes its a dangerous sport.  and yes, people do get seriously hurt and even killed, in the futile activity of trying to drive in a circle faster than the next guy.  i’d never argue with someone that it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to do what i do as a hobby.
we all do things in live that involve a certain element of risk.  from riding a motorcycle to crossing the street to eating the latest food to be declared “bad” for you.  there’s no way of telling when your time is up.  sunday, shane left this world doing something he absolutely loved doing.  if we could all only be so lucky. 
any racer would tell you the same. 

godspeed shane.


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