Jay: Cross another off the list


How excited was I yesterday when I found out that Pearl Jam, the last(and best) of the Seattle “grunge bands” will be making a stop at the Meadows in June.  I have a list of my favorite bands that I have yet to see, and PJ is at the top.  I’ve seen the Chili Peppers 5 times, Dave Matthews at least 10 times, Bruce 3 times, U2 just once.  Some bands I can never see, the Doors, Beatles, Alice in Chains, Blind Melon, because, well, some of them are dead.  Also, Led Zeppelin is making an appearance in CT and I will be going, don’t care how much it runs.  Yea, Jason Bonham can never replace his dad, but this is as close as it comes.  Back to Pearl Jam, they came out just when I was discovering music.  The majority of my friends went the Nirvana route, but Pearl Jam always stuck with me more.  As a band, they have survived the original Seattle invasion and have advanced to become one of the greatest modern rock bands.  Tix go on sale Friday, cross your fingers for me,  so I can cross one more thing off my “must-do-list”(it’s quite long, BTW.)  I’ll get into that list in another blog.  I know, what a tease.


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