Jay: Belli Up!!!

You heard it hear first folks: THE REDSOX WILL NOT WIN THE 2008 WORLD SERIES!!!!! That’s a tough one to type, but its true. In fact I think the end of the SOx potential dynasty died on Thursday, March 13th. A day that will forever be remembered as Doug Mirabelli’s last day as a Sox. Best known as Wake’s personal catcher, he was the glue of two championship teams, the missing link, if you will. Here’s proof, BM(before mirabelli): no world series titles in 86 years, WD(with doug): two in four years. Can’t argue with facts folks. There are cases like this through history when the core of a group leaves. Tina Turner, nothing without Ike, Jackson 5 done after Tito left. Beatles have done zip without Ringo. Simon who? without Garfunkle. No one inspired the masses quite like Dougie Ballgame, no one put more fear in hurlers then Mighty Mirabelli. He would toy them by batting .190 and grounding out weakly to third. He was like a snake stalking his prey, then BAM! the homers started flyin’!!! He really was a modern days mans mans, a genius if you will. Name one other man who gets a police escort just to make an appearance, see you can’t. He was special, a-one-of-a-kind backstop. He made Varitek Varitek. So Sox fans, you won’t have this man to kick around anymore. You all will come cryin back when Kevin Cash is hitting a paltry .150 with no dingers when you could have .200 5 homers guy instead. So Good Bye Doug, your name will go down in Sox lore w guys like Ted, Pesky, Rice, et al. I’ll throw a few back in your honor tonight!!!!

2 Responses to “Jay: Belli Up!!!”

  1. Kevin Cash is scalp. All his behind closed doors policting is the reason why Doug wanders the streets with a full beard chugging a carton of milk telling people that “milk was a bad choice”. Doug will be back, he is too talented not to be. The question is simply, when?

    From:Douglas Mirabelli 28

  2. […] have one, and it took all my inner strength not to go down and rip it off his back.  In March,  I dedicated a post to the man, which some people have called “writing genius” and”Shakespearean.”  But […]

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