Jay: Perfection

The Today Show just ran a piece on the pursuit of perfection and how that it can be bad for your health. Wow, I think that is the wrong message. Sure there are a few whose pursuit completely overtakes their lives, but for the majority of folks, I think trying to be perfect in what you do everyday should be a great goal. Everyday I try to be perfect, sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail. Am I disappointed when I fail, damn right I am, but I don’t obsess over it. You learn and move on. When I succeed, boy I feel great. The rest of the day just seems easier. When I coach, I stress on my kids to be 100% of what they are that day. Hey, some days you’re sick, rundown, angry whatever, I get it. But if they can give me 100% of them that day, we can achieve our goals. I always set the goals high, wins, no losses, no errors, etc. If we can achieve that then we would be perfect. Does this put pressure on my players, yeah it does. The thing is though they’ll be facing pressures the rest of their lives. Not only am I trying to make better ball players, but I’m trying to develop boys into men. Not to get in to deeply, but this approach has worked really well for my team. Like the saying goes, pressure can burst pipes, but also make diamonds. I couldn’t achieve our desired results without expecting perfection.
Now, as my wife can attest to, I am far from perfect, we all have our foibles, but if every day I strive to be the perfect me, then I am all ready many steps ahead from the person who just wants to get thru the day.


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