Jay: The most wonderful time of year!!!!!

Did you smell that yesterday morning? You had to sniff pretty hard but there was definitely a hint of it in the air. I know I did and it added a little, ahem, Spring in my step(god I’m funny!!!) Yea, there was a wisp of it yesterday and I am quickly kicking off the shackles of Feb. All this leads up to Monday. Yep, that’s the day when my wife becomes a widow, a baseball widow. High School pitchers and catchers start up the 10th and hopefully our season continues on to at least June 10th. My days will be fully consumed by TV in the AM and baseball in the PM. I gotta give big time props to my wife during these upcoming months. Not only does Nikki have to put up with me during the rest of the year, but dealing with me during these three months can be a bit overwhelming. Working on very little sleep and dealing with 14-17 year olds can be a bit trying. I wear my losses on me and I never seem to be that happy after a win. I always expect my kids to be better, but they don’t see my frustration too much. That honor goes to Nikki, and like a champ, she lets me vent, gives me my distance or offers an outside view of common sense depending on my mood, and she does it without a second thought. As much as I love coaching and love the kids, there is no way I could do it without her unwavering support. So here goes: a Pre-Apology to Nikki for the next few months. While I’m offering up general good vibes, a huge thanks goes out to
truly, the nectar of the gods!!!!!!!
I love our team this year, my JV squad should be deep and has a lot of new and returning talent, looking to build off of our 10 wins last year. The varsity squad has the talent to go as far as they want. Its a good balance of seniors and juniors. We have some speed at the top and bottom with a couple of bashers in the middle. We got one true #1 stud, and the 2-4 spots on our pitching spot will be our biggest ?. If we can find a viable #2, the skies the limit.

I’m guessing that Bush and Cheney will have to cancel that antiquing trip up to Vermont next fall huh. Two towns, Brattleboro and Marlboro voted to indict the two for violating the constitution. Hopefully they can get back their room refunded at that cute little B+B.

Very excited to be going to the beginning of the Sam Cassel era on Fri in Beantown. Takin my three brothers to a Celts game. This will be the first time that just the four of us have ever done anything when it’s just us. Going to be a great night regardless of what happens in the game.

Finally, if anyone out there watched the last season of the West Wing, then you probably remember the debacle that was played out at the Dem’s national convention right? Some pretty eerie foreshadowing by the writers because the real-life version could be shaping up the same way. Here is the Wiki-recap. Enjoy your Wednesday.


2 Responses to “Jay: The most wonderful time of year!!!!!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I am so happy for you and feel bad for your wife..In unrelated news my husband was watching this new morning show on fox. and the male anchor said thanks for watching NBC30! I was like wow he must really want to get fired or just wishes to work for you. I laughed and then changed the channel.LOL

  2. Well, considering he did work for us for many years, both in the am and pm I’m sure it was just a slip of the tongue. Thanks for comin back home to us though

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