Yvonne: Kids Say The Darndest Things

This past Friday, I was invited to Green Hills Elementary School to read to kids and celebrate Dr.Seuss’ birthday (which is Monday, March 3rd). Around noon, I headed to Bristol and was anxious/excited to meet a class of local 4th graders. Their teacher, Mrs. Gill, met me at the office and introduced me to all of the students. Right off the bat, I was flooded with questions. But I didn’t mind. In fact I encouraged them to speak up and ask me anything they’d like. Some of the kids threw me softballs: “How did you get started in your career? What’s your favorite book?” Others were a bit more inquisitive. “What city and exact street do you live on? How much money do you make?” Poor Mrs. Gill was mildly embarrassed but I didn’t mind at all. I answered the first question and replied to the 2nd….. “It’s enough to pay the bills.” One precocious little kid shot back with “After paying the bills, how much money do you have left over?” Never underestimate a 4th grader.

It was so great getting to talk to the students about school and hear their aspirations of going to college. Knowing I was once an impressionable kid myself, I wanted to help point them in the right direction. I stressed to them the importance of reading and writing (which are obviously the foundations of journalism) and told them to dream big. One child told me he wanted to become a chef. Another talked about becoming a teacher. And then, there was one boy in the front of the class who turned to me and said “I want to become President of the United States !” Now that’s what I like, dreaming big. Who knows? Maybe when he reaches the White House, I’ll be the one asking him how much money he makes.

Thanks again to the students and staff at Green Hills Elementary. You made my day!


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