Jay: It's over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll be honest, I hate this month!! February is the worst. Cold, miserable, dreary, depressing, and any other awful adjective you can think of. I like January. New year. New starts. New hopes and dreams. Bowl games, play-off football, and people expect winter weather. February is a different, nastier, uglier beast. It starts out all right with the Super Bowl, then it is straight downhill. I love the fact that spring training starts, but honestly it’s a tease. Sittin in your living room watching your favorite team “practice” in the beautiful warm Florida/Arizona sun. Maybe it’s just me, but this month is by far the longest month of the year. Probably because you have that wonderful carrot of spring teasing you. Now the past two days its been friggen freezin’!! Plus snow tonight, good lord just go away Feb. Its like a bad house guest that over stayed their welcome by about four weeks. But things are looking up, Baseball on TV tonight, Celts gettin stronger, my season starts in a week and St Patty’s Day. So I guess today is a good day because this is the day that marks the farthest possible time from next February. Only 21 days till Spring HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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