pete: speedway expo

well its time for another one of “those” blog entries… the ones you dread even more than jay’s baseball rants. yes friends, its time for another one of pete’s dreaded nascar-related blogs.
fear not, i’ll make it quick. if you have kids or are just a big kid like me, you may want to visit the big-e this weekend for the new england speedway expo. is a big show where all the local racetracks get together and put on this cool expo with all the different kinds of racecars that race around new england. there will be at least 50 cars there, from stock cars to modifieds to vintage racers. even one of tony stewart’s personal vehicles will be there. you can get up close, take pictures, all that cool stuff. maybe even hop in a race seat to see how it feels.

there are drivers there signing autographs, as well as slot car races, product displays, pit stop competitions, all kinds of cool things to do. i hear gerry brooks may trade in his jacket and tie for a firesuit and try his hand at changing a tire in a mock pit stop. thats just a rumor though…

and the best part? anyone under 12 are FREE. it runs friday through sunday.
for more info you can to to

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