pete: *cough* *hack* *weeze*

i’m here at work struggling with the sore throat to end all sore throats. you know, the kind that feels like a fist-sized ball of barbed wire in the back of your throat? yeahhhh THAT kind of sore throat. teamed up with its cohort dry hacking cough, it is really making me rather uncomfortable at work here today.

i attribute my presence here today to two things:
1) a healthy dose of chicken soup for dinner last night, cooked up by my girlfriend kassy
2) absolutely nothing on television yesterday evening.

if i could possibly imagine anything worse than an awards show (whatever one was last night), it would be NASCAR in rain delay. and, i might add, they chose to stick with the rain delay coverage instead of putting family guy on – which i would have happily watched… nay, PREFERRED over the snoozer racing at califorinia speedway in the first place.

and so, i hereby dedicate this morning’s stellar 5am hour to kassy, jim perdue, and darrell waltrip.

i’m the world’s biggest nancy when i’m not feeling well. so if you’ll excuse me, i’m going to have a few shots of dayquil (tastes great, less sleepy!) and go suffer quietly.


2 Responses to “pete: *cough* *hack* *weeze*”

  1. wow, what a trooper

  2. you’re just jealous because i had chicken soup.

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