pete: 50 years

so, yesterday was the 50th running of the daytona 500. eh. i slept through most of it. my excitement was on friday night when the craftsman truck series ran their opening event of the season, also at daytona. they ran their entire event at the same level of excitement and action that the winston err… nextel ummm… i mean sprint cup guys could only muster for the last 25 laps or so of their race. but hey, they’re “the best” so what do i know, right?

speaking of which, do you know that all of connecticut’s ovals have been around for longer than daytona international speedway? yup. its true. so anyone who says racing is a “southen sport” is sorely mistaken. our state has some pretty neat racing history behind it. as a matter of fact, the “sprint cup” series raced here, at thompson international speedway – as recently as 1970!
wanna see some cool old pictures from CT’s racing past? check out this page with old pictures, programs, and other neat info about thompson, especially the road course that is no longer used…

p.s. kitt is STILL a trans am, not a mustang.


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