Jay: February 14, YEAH!!!!!

No, not because of Valentines Day(pointless holiday which gets way to much play, and yes ladies I am married, sorry!!) Its Pitchers and Catchers rporting day across the majority of MLB, but most importantly, YOUR World Champion Boston Red Sox. To get you in the mood for spring, go ahead and listen to this while reading my blog. Lets pray that this whole Clemens saga is over and done with. That dog and pony show yesterday was such a joke. I finally had to turn it off when one of our elected officials referred to Clemens as “One of his heroes.” C’mon, really, how can you get to the heart of anything when you have media-hungry politico’s issuing assanine statements like that. I thought McNamee handled himself well. He looked cool, never got visually upset or uncomfortable(that I saw) while Clemens, stuttered, squirmed and looked like someone who was hiding something. Now I think that both men are lying dirtballs, but also think that both men are telling the truth. I really think that Clemens believes his BS that he is slinging SO much, and has convinced himself that he did nothing wrong, that in his own twisted way, he is telling the truth.

With that said, today is a great day!!! It is the unofficial start of Spring. Maybe I’m crazy, but it feels a little warmer out today then what the thermometer says. This will be the first of many baseball posts. You may have though I wrote a lot about Football, well you ain’t seen nothin yet. 1st, I think the Yanks are crazy for makin Joba a starter. Once a generation relief men come around, well, once a generation. The Yanks fell into Rivera in the 90’s and have done the same with Joba now. Follow the Sox lead, and leave the stud in the Pen(it seems to work for him
(go ahead, click on the picture.) 2nd, the Sox should keep Coco around, he’ll get a lot of AB’s and will make a great, if not the best quartet of OF’s in MLB.
Sorry for the lack of enties lately, been a crazy few days here at the Peacock. I thought we did a great job w/ the storm yesterday. Our WX guys got the forecast dead on. They always get ripped when they mess one up, but never seem to get enough credit when they nail one. Also, seems like CT agrees with me because our rating #’s were huge, so thanks. Realized this week that I must be getting old, I actually pulled a rib cage muscle celebrating the Giants winning Super Bowl TD, trust me its not a good feeling. UCONN men are playing great, don’t usually like to toot my own horn(hey, quit snickering) but I did predict this in a previous post. Finally I feel quite honored that our little blog got prime real estate on our website next to the great Brooks File. In someways, life makes more sense now.

3 Responses to “Jay: February 14, YEAH!!!!!”

  1. Jay's not-surprised-at-all wife Says:

    Another big sigh…wow, i can’t believe how romantic you are…i’m just swooning right now. Too bad for me all that love and affection is for baseball…I’m sure you would send the redsox flowers if you could 😉

  2. Jay's wife Says:

    We actually had a very nice dinner, a good bottle of wine and some good chocolate for dessert.I don’t need a whole lot, I just think I should get a little love thrown my way when the redsox get a whole page dedicated to them 🙂

  3. hey hey hey, just wait till sept 25

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