Jay: An ode to a loyal friend

So, this isn’t an exact picture, but work with me here. Today, a momentus occasion is about to happen. My 2000 Ford Ranger is about to turn over to 100,000 miles. Now I know that some of you may think “Ok, who cares. Go back to your insightful sports knowledge and off-the-cuff commentary!” 😉 I will, I will but this blog is dedicated to my truck. Some of you may feel the same way about your cars as I do about mine, and for those few(pete) you’ll get this.

This was MY first car. I had another car in HS and college, but this one was the first I owned. I researched, shopped, decided all on my own. It really was the first big decsion I made on my own, post-college. It’s been part a part of me since March 2000. It proved its value to me almost right away hauling baseball equip to and from practice. My kids refer to it as “Hendu’s truck” and almost are taken aback if I show up in a different car.

I was thinking about it this morning, alot of my friends have been directly impacted by my truck. I think the number is at 15 and counting the number of friends(including yours truly 4 times) I have helped move. I always seem to be on of the first to get the call “uh, hey Jay are you and your truck free this weekend?” So without fail, We head out make the move, and proudly I can say, no damage to truck or property has occured.

I have never had any mechanical issues, beyond normal wear and tear, in my 8 years of partnership. Never gotten stuck, and believe me, I’ve put it through some tough stuff. I helped my youngest brother learn to drive stick in it, listened to countless Sox games, lived through 9-11 in my truck driving home to my moms, talking to her the whole way about what was happening. Have had many dates with my lovely wife, many trips to hang out with friends, all great memories in that car. Unfortunatly, when I moved back down to East Haddam in ’06, I knew the truck wouldn’t last long going 65 miles a day. I broke down and bought a car(which I love, BTW). My friends and family were shocked. I was always a “truck guy” and trust me, it took alot to cross over to a sedan. So even though I don’t drive it all that often, we still have our trips to the dump, baseball season starts soon, and there will always be some moving or yardwork, or whatever else comes up to do. So this days for you Truck, lets hope that you can last another 100,000. I promise to take care of you if you do the same.


4 Responses to “Jay: An ode to a loyal friend”

  1. Jay's Mom Says:

    Hey, are you and the truck free this weekend? We have some wood to move.

  2. I know exactly how you feel. This post is perfect because I’m actually trading in the car I’ve driven for the past 8 years tonight for a new car. It’s funny to think of all the adventures and memories you have associated with you car- I’m definitely sad to see her go!

  3. emily, enjoy your new ride and thanks for reading.

  4. […] time has come.  It will be tough to bid farewell to such an old and loyal friend.  My only hope is that it finds its way toward a person who’ll will give it the love and […]

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