pete: angels in the backfield

back around christmas, my family and i were sitting around after dinner. my grandmother asked why we were still sitting there, if there was some football on TV since we usually hit the couch and relax after eating that big holiday meal. i told her the giants werent playing until saturday night.
“oh,” she says. “they doing well this year?” she asked, as she does every year around this time. she didn’t really follow football, but she always asked how our new york giants were doing.
“actually theyre going to the playoffs nan,” i said. “they probably wont go terribly far, but they’ll be there.”
“well maybe this year will be the year,” and she smiled warmly at me, the way grandmothers often smile at their grandchildren.


football hadn’t really been on my mind the week leading up to the superbowl. my grandmother became ill and went into the hospital on friday. on monday she came home, as there was nothing more they could do for her. on tuesday night, cancer took her away from us.
obviously things other than football became the priority. everything just became a blur. by the time services were completed on saturday, i think someone had to actually remind me that the giants were playing in the superbowl.

i didnt watch any of the pre-game stuff. just turned up the volume on the plain old regular-def tv in my living room around 6 or so. and there i sat… excitement growing as the plays were made. brady looks off. they look flat. the giants can win this. we need to score some points. in the third quarter i predicted to my girlfriend that the giants could win this superbowl if they could just 2 touchdowns. thats all they would need. i screamed at the tv with each sack of brady, yelled at each giant receiver with a dropped pass. stared in disbelief as eli manning evaded what looked like a sure sack and made a mircale pitch and catch to david tyree to extend the drive… jumped up and down as plaxico burress hauled in the game winning score… and held my breath as the giants defense halted tom brady and the potent patriots offense one last time.

it wasnt until some time after the the giants had pulled off one of the improbable upsets of all time that i really came to think about how much i’m going to miss having someone ask me about how my giants are doing this year.
they’re doing great nan. they’re doing great.
they couldnt have done it without your help though. thanks.


One Response to “pete: angels in the backfield”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Oh I am so sorry to hear about your Grandmother..But she must have been watching from heaven and seen how happy you must have been when The Giants won!

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