Wow, what a game!!!!  I mean I’d never thought I would type these words: Eli Manning Super Bowl MVP!!!!!!!  I’ll warn you know, if these comes off as a bit random, sorry.  I’m a bit delirious right now.  I was against this whole “Eli as our franchise QB” from the start.  Didn’t like the pick, I hated the way he carried himself.  Thought he made bad decisions.  But this is the reason I coach baseball and not football.  You can mark it down right now, I will NEVER say another bad word about Eli again.  He has earned every Giants fans trust, and I am thrilled he is our FRANCHISE QB-1!!!!!!   The Gmen’s D was unbelievable.  I have never seen Brady that rattled since his days at meeeeechigan.  He was out of his element.  Tuck, Osi, Strahan, Robbins Cofield and all the rest of the D were in his mug all game long.  I’m just blown away right now!!!!  I am so happy for all my Giant fan friends, Pete, My bro Cam,  Casey the golf pro, Brad, Scott the Producer, Zessos(night PA), this is sweet.  I don’t know how long this run of good fortune will last with all my teams, but I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.  So far all my teams have finished their seasons with big wins: Sox, Michigan and now the Gints.   Wow, I hope my excitement is carrying through these words, because right now I’m just geeked!!!!!!  To hear all those Patsy fans all year chirping away, well boys and girls 18-1 is a fine record.  You should be proud of that mark, but on this day, 14 wins beats 18.  The best team didn’t win, the best team today won and thats all that matters.  the New York Giants are your Super Bowl champs!!!!!!!  So, I raise a tall cold win to all you Giants fans out their, enjoy this, revel in it, these are rare wins.  Keep soaking in the glory of the greatest, yes the greatest Super Bowl upset ever!!!!!!!!!  Right now I’m going to watch all the post game hype.  Luckily my Boss(thanks Phil) gave me Monday off.  BTW, only nine days till pitchers and catchers.  


2 Responses to “Jay: CHAMPS”

  1. Jay i am Super excited! Mr.G tried to back out of the deal when the Giants got that field goal..Sorry contract is black and white. Now he can get up at 3am LOL!

  2. well you can’t blame him for trying. Glad that you stuck to your guns, you should enjoy this win in more ways then one. Maybe a purchase of a NY Giants nightlight for the babies room will help him in his ordeal!!!

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