Jay: The Pick

No, not that one. you bunch of sicko’s, my Super Bowl one. You know with these types of games you can either go with your heart or your head. I do consider myself a fairly heady sports fan, but when it comes to my team it usually comes doen to the heart. Do I think that the Giants can win? Definetly! Do I think that the Pats can blow the Giants doors off? Absolutly! The Giants are playing with house money. They aren’t even supposed to be here. Hell, I picked them to have between 3-5 wins this year. The Pats on the other hand have the pressure of the entire NFL world on their shoulders, but they’ve been playing with that since about week 10. They are used to it and they love it. The Michigan Man seems to live off this type of stuff. Yet, I keep going back to the Pats/Rams SB. The huge underdog vs. the unbeatable offense. No one outside New England gave the Pats a chance, yet all they did was beleive in themselves and their coaches. They rallied against the rest of the world and proved all doubters wrong, and I beleive we will see a repeat on Sunday.

Giants 44 Patriots 38!!!!!!!!!

The Gmen will kick a late field goal to tie it up. Then in OT(first ever) the Giants will score on their opening drive to claim the trophy. So, I have thought up a scenario to give us the greatest Super Bowl ever and a way for the Patsies to lose in the most heart-breaking way.

The Mets have till 5pm tonight to sign Johan or he’s headin back to Minny. If I were the Mets(eek, just got the chills) I’d pay him what he wants. The Mets fans have already fitted his NY hat, If that Pitcher goes back, the following wrath by the fans will be of epic proportions(plus I don’t want him back in the AL!) You all enjoy your weekend.


4 Responses to “Jay: The Pick”

  1. Oh Jay I soo hope your right..my husband said if the Giants win he will change diapers for 6 months. and if the pats win I have to wash and wax his car every sunday!

  2. Understatement of the day? “I do consider myself a fairly heady sports fan.”

  3. Well Mrs G., here’s to you bein’ poo free till July

  4. Sorry Mr G, it looks like you will be elbow deep in it for the next six months.

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