Jay: Two More Weeks

14 days till pitcher and catchers!!!!! Just writing that warms the cockles of my heart. Conrats to the Mets and their fans for landing Johan Santana. Like I had blogged a few months ago, he is the best pitcher this side of Beckett. Johan is going to a pitchers park and the NL which SHOULD mean better numbers(YIKES). Pairing him #1 w/Pedro his #2 and with Perez, Maine and TBD picking up the slack it SHOULD be a great year in Queens. I still think that the Mets are still only a 88-90 win team and not even the Fav in the NL Least. Oh well, I won’t rain on their parade too much(just imagine next Tuesday, the Giants rolling thru the Canyon of Heroes in NYC and Johan makes his first appearance in one of the cars, what a scene in COULD be)
Onto today’s match-up: Special Teams. The Giants have made a living the past few games on kick returns. Both Hixon and McQuarters have been great returning kickoffs and punts respectively. Feagles is great at what he does and Tynes has been solid this year. I like Gostkowski and if anyone can name the Patriots punter, good for U. He may be the least used 1st stringer in the NFL. With Welker and Faulk returning punts, they can break a big return anytime and Ellis Hobbs has already brought a kick back 108 yards this year. I think the team that comes with the big ST will win. Both squads are so evenly matched, its tough to say which one has the edge, so I am callin this one a split. (Yea I know, its a weak way out, but that’s how I feel!!!! You callin me weak???? How dare you!!!)
Just to update you all on my DirecTV saga because I know it has been keeping all you loyal readers up at night. I have been blacked out completely of the Comcast New England channel, which means I have bought the NBA League Pass so I can watch the last 40 or so games. Somewhere my wife is groaning in disappointment(hehehe). Write to all tomorrow.

One Response to “Jay: Two More Weeks”

  1. Jay's wife Says:

    Sigh….Well I guess the bright side is that now you can’t complain about being deprived of any of your teams.

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