Jay: Rambo IV

I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for big blockbuster-type movies. I don’t expect a lot from them, just give me my money’s worth. I pay $10 to be entertained for 2-21/2 hours. I know going in that I’m not expecting cinematic epic that will go down in history ie: Casablanca, Godfather, etc. I want simple, dumb-downed, guilty-pleasure fun. I loved Independence Day(waited in line for hours to see it on July 4th, the day it opened), loved Pearl Harbor. Transformers, fantastic. Went and saw Rocky Balboa last summer on opening night(actually went to the 12pm show). I was thrilled that one of the greatest movie franchises had a proper ending(we all can agree that Rocky V NEVER HAPPENED!!!!!!)
Now we get the fourth installment of the Rambo movies. The 1st was great, the second was entertaining, the third, not good at all. Bit now, Stallone has decided to end the franchise in the proper fashion and I can’t wait to see it(probably solo, can’t see dragging Nikki to this one.) I’ll ignore all the reviews, never really saw eye2eye with them anyway. I’ll go for the show and be thrilled I was able to be simply entertained for a few hours.

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