pete: drawing lines in the sand

well, i said it here a few weeks ago. i wanted a rematch. and for a change, i get what i want. giants and patriots in the superbowl. i’ll be the first to admit i wouldnt have put money on them. but they came through, and for that i am thrilled. and i’m one who always cheers for the underdog – and lets face it, theres no bigger underdog than the new york giants against the patsies.

so… now we have a war in the newsroom. the lines have been drawn.

pete(me, director), jay (director), sequel (scott-camera op), brad (anchor), tracy (producer), bluker (scott-producer)

bmax (bob-wx), hammer (ryan-wx), sharky (traffic), db (melissa-graphics), irene (exec. producer), batty (chris-editor), pipes (kevin-editor), chrissy (producer)

im cheering for the team that has actually PLAYED games in this state – not the team who used ct to leverage for a new stadium in massachusetts. GO BIG BLUE!

p.s. reggie the cowboy fan audio operator still owes me a burger from scooter’s grill… he hasn’t paid up yet.

p.p.s jay predicted the giants to be 3-13 this year.


One Response to “pete: drawing lines in the sand”

  1. BOOOOOO Giants! GOOOO Patriots!

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