pete: snow! yay!

one of the nice things about coming to work at stupid o’clock in the morning (as i call it) is driving on relatively empty roads. when its snowing out this benefit is magnified. i get to cruise along snowy i-84 at a speed i feel comfortable at, with no one around. its actually a lot of fun. i enjoy it.
i don’t envy everyone who has to do battle in rush hour amongst people who generally dont understand how to handle their vehicle in the winter weather – creeping along at 15mph on the interstate, or crowding the center lane because its the only one thats “clear.” its not that difficult, friends! just use your head! don’t make any sudden moves and you’ll be just fine!
oh, did i mention my vehicle is rear wheel drive?

SO… in case you’re wondering how i am blogging at 4:30am while the news on, well right now jay is directing. i will direct the 5am(a normal monday for me), and jay will jump back in at 6. i’m also directing the 11am today. busy busy busy.

and how about those giants?! 😀


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