Jay: Thursday Tidbits

Yeah, I know its a few days late(hey, its been busy at work) but it is an absolute travesty that

Jim Rice fell 16 votes short of the Hall of Fame.
I know, a lot of you have heard all the arguments but I have to put in my two cents. I only remember Rice on the downside of his career, but I am a student of the game and can fully appreciate his numbers. Now I’m not saying that these five players AREN’T HOF’ers, Tony Perez, Kirby Puckett, Orlando Cepeda, Eddie Murray, and Willie”Pops”Stargell, but if their numbers are good enough then Jim Rice is a shoo-in. Well lets hope next year those 16 writers get their heads screwed on straight enough to check his box.
Great weekend of football, huge spreads which I find odd, but Vegas knows its stuff. I think two favorites will win big, the and. I believe that the are playing better now then the and an upset is just waiting to happen. Now here’s the shocker, which I really, truly believe. This pick isn’t made just because I can’t stand the franchise, I have been talking about it for weeks, the will lose to the .
Well, the voters have spoken, and thank god that the citizens of Iowa and New Hampshire have decided how the rest of the country will/have to vote. Two primaries down, and already the Dems have lost the three most experienced candidates. I worry about the party throwing all their eggs in one basket only to be beaten again by a more “seasoned” republican candidate. We need to seriously upgrade our election system. The nomination will be all but over on Feb. 5Th, “super-duper Tuesday”(really, that’s the name the media has given that day, we must be the laughing-stock of the world!!!!) Connecticut won’t even have a chance to vote for Dodd, Delaware for Biden, and New Mexico for Richardson. I’m not saying that that would be enough for either one of those to make a run, but at least it could keep those three men in the race, simply for calling out the front-runners and make them debate the issues more.
Loved the weather the past few days. Just gave me that baseball itch. Only 35 days till pitchers/catchers. Another two months till I start my baseball season, two and 1/2 months till my spring training trip to Cocoa Beach, and the whole season kicks off tomorrow at Mohegan Sun with a baseball coaches convention. Nothin but baseball talk for three days from some of the brightest(baseball) minds from around the country.
Hope some of you can make it to our Town Hall-type meeting in Middletown next week. It will be a great opportunity to say what you like/dislike about local news. It should be a great night with some good back and forth that can help shape the way we can better serve our public in the coming years. This will not be the only one, more will be scheduled. Stayed tuned to NBC30 and NBC30.com for more info.


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