pete: i want a rematch

well… the new york football giants have survived the first round of the playoffs and eli manning is actually starting to look like an NFL quarterback. could they make it to the super bowl?

first off, yes, the giants are a wild card team. theyre playing the #1 seed dallas coyboys next week. BUT the cowboys have been lethargic of late, and coming off a bye week and a week 17 game where they sat most of their guys, i think they’re going to remain rusty and sad. they’re beatable. win that game and its on to green bay or seattle, both are teams i feel the giants could beat provided they stay healthy and eli keeps playing well.

now… for the afc. i cant stand the patriots. my deep seeded hatred of them began when i was a little kid and i heard tales of how crummy foxboro was to watch a game at – mostly my giant fan friends and family who couldnt get a ticket to a new york game so they went north to see the g-men play. as time has gone on ive come to detest the team even more. the way they used the state of connecticut as a pawn in their little game to get a new stadium built was an insult to every fan in this state (and why would we want them here anyway?!). cheating against the jets? oh we’ll just look past that… string a few wins together and everyone forgets what a slimy organization this really is. well i am not fooled. i never was.

the officiating was TERRIBLE in the first matchup between these two teams. and i’m not the only one who thought so. the giants should have won that game.
so, i want another shot at those guys. i want a rematch. i want a gaints-patriots superbowl.

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