Jay: "grant"-ed, she's great

Pete beat me to the punch, but our feelings are the same.
Keisha Grant had one heck-uva four-year run in the AM. I have had the utmost pleasure delivering her to our viewers for all those years, and there is no more professional or dedicated newswomen in the market. She truly loves her job and loves her audiences. She respects the viewers and never took a story off. She will be a wonderful addition to an already strong evening team. Personally, I will miss her. Over the years we became good friend
(even though she liked !!!) She was always the first to laugh at her idiosyncrasies(like her obsession with her ‘s,) and has a fantastic sense of humor. The great thing is, we have some great options to fill her seat. All I ask of our viewers/readers is to give these talented women time to win you over. Sometimes change is necessary and good. New blood is a good thing and can bring a different dimension. In the short time I have worked with Yvonne Nava she is a sweetheart of a person and a very good anchor that has limitless potential. Anjouli Porter brings youth and enthusiasm and Lauren Petty is a person CT is familiar with and has really grown as an anchor with her best years on the horizon. The great thing is that all three are awesome personalities with fantastic ethics that our viewers will love. So, for me, and the entire morning crew, Keisha, we wish you all the best and we will see you starting tonight at Live at 5, and as always GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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