BRAD: My New Year's Resolution

It’s 1/1/08: New Year’s morning, and as you as my witnesses, I am resolving to make a change.

I am committing myself to be a blogger. “The Morning Buzz” has been buzzing for a few months now, and I have largely been absent. After my initial excitement about the idea of sharing random thoughts in this forum, I quickly lost focus and interest. Frankly, I’m annoyed with myself.

Consider this a rededication to share my streams of consciousness here on a regular basis. I have a few other resolutions (which will be adddressed at a later time), but blogging is my first and foremost.

Research shows most (80-90%) resolutions fall by the wayside within a month or two. Let’s see how I do with this one.


One Response to “BRAD: My New Year's Resolution”

  1. Where is everyone this morning????No local news or weather at all????I miss you guys! And where has Keisha been for so long????NBC30 is the ONLY place for news and weather!!!!!Keep blogging Brad.Best Wishes in 2008!!

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