Jay: 20-2

20 wins and 2 losses. An other-world like winning percentage of .909. Already seven games up on their closest rival in their division. The best record in the sport by 2 1/2 games. Yes boys and girls, your 2007-08 Boston Celtics. Just to put all this in more perspective, our boys in green didn’t win their 20th game last year until March 17th, this year, December 16th!!!!!!!!! I realize Boston is under the grips of the Sawx WC, the Patsies run to history, but the Celts are by far the proudest and most storied franchise in the city. From the days of Cous and Red, to Basketball Jesus and his disciples, these fans expect a winner. Except for one run to the Eastern Conf. finals in 2002, its been a bleak run. There are a whole generation of fans that have three superbowls, two World Series, yet no NBA championships. This is a first for Boston in many decades. This year though, Wow, what a team. I have never seen a team play with so much intensity and ease at the same time. They could go down as the greatest defensive group in team history. They can score at will. The only reason that they don’t led the league in scoring is, that their have been a bunch of games that the starters didn’t play the whole last quarter. They are winning on average by 14+ points, that’s just sick. Tonight though, they face quite a litmus test,

at home versus Detroit. Arguably the 1A team of the East. I know that the NBA doesn’t appeal to a lot of folks, but if you are a sports fan, watch tonight. You wanna see what a homecourt advantage is, listen to the volume of the fans in the Garden. I was there opening night, and i have never heard an arena as loud as it was that night(and i have been in a stadium w/112,000+ people). Whatever happens tonight, or the rest of the year, the City and fans have earned this. I had season tix last year and sat through some miserable hoops. I saw one win in seven games. I think they lost by an average of 15 points or so. This year has the makings of a magical run. No one will ever fill the shoes of Larry, Kevin, and the Chief,

but this trio of Pierce, KG, and Ray-Raydefinitely wear the same size, just a different style

(no chucks here). SO if you’re looking for a way to bridge the gap to the spring, time to don your green and white and start a chant of “LETS GO CELTS!!!!” and make Red proud again!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_RJ5XN8TK8 maybe this will help you get in the mood!!


One Response to “Jay: 20-2”

  1. tough loss, great game, we’ll see these two again in May, thats for sure

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