Jay: Tuesday Thoughts

A little break in the weather action. Nothin wakes you up @ 3am then walking out to 10 degree temps. It’s very refreshing. Love the snow on the ground, just puts you in the holiday spirit. The only thing I Don’t love bout the weather, are the other drivers on the roads during storms. What normally takes me 1/2 an hour, on Thursday it took me more then two. Know i figured it would be slower then normal, which it should have been. What really grinds my gears is the fact that people all of a sudden forget how to drive in the snow. A couple simple hints, drive slower, ease on the brake, show some respect for the other cars on the road and give some space, and for the love of god, don’t be an IDIOT!!!!!! I drive an AWD sedan that is fantastic in bad weather, but to the people who drive SUV’s, just because you are in 4WD, doesn’t make you a better driver or safer. I see more of those off the road then any other car. I saw a few in the median on Thursday afternoon, probably because they were goin way to fast. Here is a bit of advice for all the readers 🙂 . Next time it snows, find an empty parking lot, drive your car around like a maniac in said lot and see what your car can and can’t do. Not only is it fun, but you’ll learn how to drive your car in the snow. Do donuts, slam on the gas, then brakes, take sharp turns goin fast, you know all the stuff that some drivers do on the highways during a storm. Its a simple request, but one that could ease some major headaches.

2 Responses to “Jay: Tuesday Thoughts”

  1. That is a very smart Idea.. I wish more people used their brains when driving in snow!

  2. plus its a great excuse to go out and like like a kid again

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