Jay: On Top Of The World

There is no way this can get old. After years of angst and heartbreak, it feels better everytime. In 2004 it was relief, in 2007 the feeling is pride. I am proud to be a Sox fan. I love the fact that not only are they the best team in MLB, but they are the model franchise. I don’t care about the A-rod drama and the fact he tried to steal the headlines during the 8th inning. I don’t care about the Yankees, they are not a threat anymore, just another team. Why you ask, because Red Sox nation, we have this: A beautiful trophy and a fantastic team that’s built to last. A great mix of young and vets, speed and power. This team is a great story, led by cancer survivors who wan the MVP and game 4. A rookie second basemen that a majority of people gave up on, a rookie CF who was in AA ball in May, and a reserve outfielder that was released by two teams this year. So Red Sox fans walk with your head held high, let others make snide comments about comparisons to the Yankees. Remember you can’t compare the two, The SOx are winners, the Yankees are struggling to even steal headlines. How the mighty have fallen and the cream always rises to the top.

One Response to “Jay: On Top Of The World”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ok well even though I am a yankee fan.. I have to admit the Red Sox played very well and deserved to win. So I hope all you guys are happy!

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