Jay: Jub-Jub

Got a new found respect for Joe Buck. Last Wednesday on Conan, the voice of baseball and football on Fox stated he had an ongoing bet with a friend of his to say random words during his broadcasts(the entire clip is on youtube, just search Joe Buck). Anyway Conan made a deal that if Buck used the word jub-jub on air, $1,000 would be donated to Buck’s chosen charity. For those of you not in the know, this is Jub-Jub:

He is the iguana pet of Selma Bouvier. Now last night during game one, after Chris Meyers did his report, Joe Buck fefered to him as “our own Jub-Jub”, I was a bit confused by that line till I saw the Conan replay this morn. A tip of my hat to Buck for doing it, and the timing of it, comedic genius.
What a whoopin last night. Beckkkkkkkkkett has gotten to the point now, he actually stares down players who get a hit off him. The man is by far the best pitcher in baseball. and the best thing he knows it, his teammates know it, and the other team knows it, but he doesn’t talk about it. Just goes about his job. If you have a young son who wants to be a pitcher, sit him down to watch Beckett and tell him thats what a pitcher should act like all the time. Tonights game is shaping up much the same way, Curt Schilling has made 18 postseason starts, the Rockies starter:15 CAREER STARTS!!!! Now this kid is good, but the Sox line-up is on a historic roll.
BTW, HUGE game for Uconn this weekend vs. South Florida, (3:30) win, and they tighten the grip on the Big East title and a bcs berth(can’t believe I actually typed that) also BC will lose tonight to Va Tech. There will not be an undefeated d-1 college team this year(yes, Michigan will beat OSU, and yes, I will be there)
I hae just one question left for you: If this wasn’t our country, would there still be only one october??? These are the things that keep me up at night.


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