Jay: G-men doin it again

I went into the NFL season fully expecting the Giants to have 3-5 wins, line them up for a top 5 pick. Clean out Coughlin and all the bad, overpaid players and start fresh. But, as in typical giants fashion, they can’t even do wrong right. Here they go, winning games, playing well enough to hide their weaknesses. They will go win their 6Th game in a row on Sunday and go into the bye @ 6-2. They’ll end up @ 9-7/10-6 get in the playoffs, lose in the first round, get a mid-round pick and continue to go along thinking it will get better. The problem w/ the NFL, to get good, you gotta be bad first or have a front office filled with genius’s. The Patsies did both those things, so did the Colts, Cowboys and green Bay. So now all Giant fans will be sucked in like fools, only to be let down again. Thank god for the sox and Celts, at least they get it.


One Response to “Jay: G-men doin it again”

  1. GO GIANTS! woohoo!!!!!!

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