Jay: Thursday Tidbits

Watched the celtics last night, wow, what a joy. It’s unbelievable the impact that Garnett has had already. Yeah, yeah, I know he’s a lock HOFer so of course he has an impact. I’m talking about off the court and all the way down to the 15th man. It was just pre-season, but even the third team destoyed the Knicks. I can’t wait for Sat. night for the game @mohegan vs. the sixers. I will also be at opening night on Nov. 2. It will be a huge event, and there hasn’t been this much hype and excitment surrounding a Celtic team since Basketball Jesus and his disciples. I am flat-out giddy(school-girlish, if you will)
All right Becks, time to earn that “ACE” label. Win this game and watch out, the last thing the Wahoo’s want is to go back to the Fens, face Shill and those fans.
Hey Ellen, you started this whole dog thing, now all of a sudden, you just want it to stop. You made a private matter way to public. You got all this pub because you made yourself look like a fool on national tv, time to deal with the consiquence. This was a matter for you, the family, and the adoption agency. You screwed up, get over it, and keep these things out of the public eye next time.
Season Maker/Breaker: Uconn fans, get out early, get to the Rent, and be LOUD!!! This is a game that is ripe for the taking. Be loud form the opening kick to the final whistle. Make it impossable for Lousivile to get comfy, enjoy the weather. This is a chance for Uconn Football to put its stamp on the Big East and let the other teams know, they are real. Very jealous of the 40,000 who are going, anybody have extras???
Have you seen the new poll #’s yet. Great, if guiliani/clinton are the choices, this country is in for another long four years. I hope that these numbers don’t stick. Only two and a half months before the first Iowa caucas. It is going to be a fun ride and nothing is going to be more important over the next year then deciding who will lead us.
Coffee and donuts have just arrived, gotta go.


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