pete: the world series

hi all, it was a long weekend for me. i’ve been fighting a cold for the past week or so, and of course right in the middle of it trying to race the NBC30 chevrolet at the World Series of Auto Racing at Thompson International Speedway up in the quiet corner of the state. (what, did you think i meant that sport that only takes one ball to play?)
i have to say it was a pretty enjoyable weekend. there were a TON of cars there (they were expecting 500 race cars for the 14 different events scheduled for the weekend), so there was a lot to see. bob maxon would have been particularly excited about the supermodifieds.
the banking on the track is much steeper than Stafford Speedway or Waterford Speedbowl, so it was neat to drive the car so hard into the turns. i qualified pretty well for driving the track before, 16th out of the 33 cars scheduled to start saturday night’s feature. but after watching some of the hard racing that was going on i thought i would fare better to start out back than get involved in someone else’s mid-pack wreck. that ended up being a good decision as i was able to miss a few vicious wrecks. i started moving my way up from the back and was in about 15th place when the red light on the dashboard lit up for “low oil pressure” and the engine shut off. i rolled down pit road a trail of oil following me, pouring out of a new hole in the bottom of the engine. yup… i blew up the engine.
SO… thats it for the race season this year. i’ll be busy in the off season, since it appears i now need to build a new racing engine in time for spring. as they say… “that’s racin!”


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