Jay: Righting a wrong

It’s about time. Since the spring, the landscape of radio hasn’t been the same. The day that Don Imus was fired wrongly and left completely on his ones by some of his most “loyal friends” was a dark day for free speech. Did Imus step over the line, maybe. Was it racist, some say yes, but if he was talking about the Tennessee women’s team and called them “blond haired hill-billies” would there be that much of a stir, I don’t think so. I have been a huge Imus fan for a long time. Both my parents had listened to him for years. I grew up in the morning with him and all his characters on the show. I learned a lot about the world through his interviews. Not only was he funny, but he wasn’t afraid to ask the questions that no one else would. I mean Sen Dodd announced his run for the oval office on his show. Name another national radio personality that could get that, Limbaugh, Stern?
Starting in December, WABC in New York, will again put Imus back where he belongs, on our airwaves. I am thrilled, not only for his fans, but more importantly, for the thousands of cancer stricken kids he has helped and the thousands more he will through his ranch, radiothon and many other endeavors.
So in the words of the Right Reverend Dr. Billy Sol Hargis “Lets all place our hands on the radio and say AMen!!! The I-Man is Back!!!!!!


One Response to “Jay: Righting a wrong”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    At last he’s back – on ABC77 fm! Very exciting..If there is any silver lining, it is to have the public see lynching up close – again.

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